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How does Skiomi plan to grow?

We’re a tech company that brings people and businesses together, not like a resort stuck in one place. Our goal is to create a platform for skiing spots all over Sweden. We’re all about making sure hosts, guests, and our partners have a great time using our platform. Right now, we’re starting in one area, but by the 25/26 season, we plan to expand to at least three more areas. Our ambitions don’t stop there; we envision becoming the go-to platform for ski enthusiasts across the Nordic countries. By continuously enhancing our technology and services, we aim to support a growing community of users and to make skiing trips easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. In addition to accommodation, we plan to introduce skipass bookings, ski equipment reservations, taxi services, flights, insurance options, and many more features. These additions will create a one-stop shop for all your skiing vacation needs, simplifying the planning process and enriching your experience on the slopes.

Do I have to reserve a specific amount of days for Skiomi?

You don’t need to set aside a certain number of days just for Skiomi. We’re flexible and want to help you make as much money as possible. If Skiomi helps you, that’s good for us.

Which days do guests check in and out?

We’re going to make it super easy for you to let people stay at your place. Usually, people check in on Sunday and leave on Thursday, or they come on Thursday and go home on Sunday. But we have other options too, like Saturday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday. Plus, if you’re okay with it, we can make your place available for last-minute bookings. This means guests can choose any day to come stay, which is really flexible.

In your admin panel, you can decide the shortest stay you’ll accept and how many days before a stay we can list your place for last-minute bookings. This helps us make sure guests have a great time finding a place to stay and can also help you fill up your place at the last minute. It’s a win-win: guests get a place to stay, and you don’t have an empty house.

How will my accommodation be priced?

Our system can help you figure out how much to charge for your place by looking at what others are charging for similar spots. You can pick how you want to set your prices: ”go-getter” if you want to try to get a lot of bookings, ”middle-of-the-road” for a balance, or ”easy-going” if you’re okay with fewer bookings but want to make more money from each one. In the calendar, you can change the prices however you like or go back to the suggested ones.

If we notice prices going up or down on other sites, we’ll let you know so you can decide if you want to change your prices too. Or, you can let our system automatically adjust your prices based on the style you picked. Also, depending on your subscription, you can join in on last-minute deals. Sometimes, it’s better to make some money from a last-minute booking than no money at all if your place isn’t booked.

Who manages Airbnb, booking.com, Novasol integration?

For our first season Skiomi will take over the effort to manage bookings on other platforms for you as within the premium plus package. This means there is no hassle in creating the listing on those platforms nor the need to communicate with the guests for you. We will be working based on your preferences, settings and information you have designed in the Skiomi platform. Further more will we be synchronizing the calendar of each integration for a better and central overview.

Once all integrations are fully established you’ll be able to manage and automate all tasks directly by yourself via the Skiomi platform. How ever for those that like the convenience of not managing them self those bookings we still offer our Platinum Plus subscription where we will taking care on all tasks.

Integrations require to have a key box on the house and the code available in the Skiomi Platform.

How will the cleaning be arranged?

In the settings as a host you can define that cleaning via an external cleaning company is a must have or is optional. Depending on your choice guests will either be able to clean the house them selfs or a cleaning service is automatically added with every booking.

In case cleaning is defined optional from your end, guests have the ability to book it them selfs on top of their regular renting costs via the platform or they can choose for self cleaning.

How will my house be cleaned?

If you book a cleaning service for your place, we’ll tell the cleaning company to keep an eye out for anything that needs extra attention—like a dirty pillow or blanket. If they find something, they’ll clean it for you and even give you a clean one to use while you wait. Once your item is fresh and dry, you’ll get it back.

We’ll also make sure your place is nice and clean for the next person. And, we use digital checklists to keep track of everything, so you can see exactly what we do. You can find these lists in a special section just for you. We want to make sure you know everything that’s going on!

Can I use multiple platforms at the same time?

Yes typically you have a fixed period that your current hosting platform requests from you. In most cases this is 6 to 8 weeks of a seasons. How ever all other days you can decide yourself what happens to your personal property. We do not operate with minimum days as we believe that your propperty needs to be in your control at anytime.

We also support you on Skiomi to synchronize calendars of various platforms to have a single source of truth. As part of that we make a request to all other connected platforms before confirming a booking to a guest, to ensure a great and transparent experience.

How long am I subscribing?

Your Sign-up at this page does not yet subscribe you but adds you to our waiting list which is important to enjoy priority once we put the platform online.

At Skiomi you do not have any monthly fees or requirements to block your property, in other words you operate totally risk and cost free. Our subscriptions are running a full year (12 months) once signed up. Subscriptions auto renew if not canceled.

You can change in between subscriptions anytime to enjoy more features. How ever this only works bottom up. For example:

Silver can change anytime to Gold.

Gold can change anytime to Platinum.

But a Platinum Subscription can just change to downwards to Gold after 12 month.

Our Platinum Plus subscription allows you to change to the Platinum plan anytime during your subscription as the only exception from this rule.

With each change of a subscription the total period of subscription is reseted to 12 months.

How will the accommodation be rented out?

With skiomi you’ll be the hosting person. This has a significant advantage as you’ll be able to understand who is renting your property. Based on your preferences you’ll also have the ability to automatically confirm or not confirm bookings.

Please be aware that our equal opportunity policies do not allow to deny the booking with discrimination as reason. We fundamentally believe everyone has the same rights.

How difficult is it to setup my accommodation in Skiomi?

At Skiomi you benefit from our high convinience features that allow auto discovery and migration of your accommodation. In other words this is a 3 step process.

  1. Input your Street and house number
  2. Review or change settings, features and infomration we were able to find.
  3. Confirm and put online.

For those that do the pre sign up we already requested your accommodation address. Here we will autofill the listing and ask you to review once we go online. Your accommodation will only be showed once you have confirmed the infomration.

Who is checking my accommodation?

We continuously check the accommodation but also offer ”detailed checking” of the accommodation after each visit of a guest. For this we use digital check lists that will be available in the ”Admin portal” of the Platform for you to review after each check. In case of a damage visible to the checking person pictures will be attached to the checklist.

We also help you communicate with the guests in case of a damage. So that you do not directly have to deal with this. How ever please note that this is an extra service you have to book seperately. The service comes at a cost of 250SEK per check.

Is my accommodation insured by Skiomi?

Your accommodation is insured via your fritids hus insurance. In the rare case of a damage you also have a right to make a claim with the insurance of the renting person. As we understand this might end in paperwork and additional effort, we work desperately on back-insuring you via Skiomi directly with large insurance companies. Once there is an agreement found we will be making a press release and inform every owner individually.

How do I ensure guests receive the keys to the accommodation?

We offer 2 ways of handling the hand over to a guest.

First – a digital key box that can be mounted on any house and is connected to our central key management system that sends out a time limited code to the guest automatically based on their booking. (Required in Platinum Plus)

Second – we leave it up to you, so you can use your standard key-box or alternative methods such as smart door lock and so on. What ever you have available you shall enter in the platform, so that we can forward the information to the guests. Skiomi will also need at least one of your keys so we can access the cabin in case of an issue.

Marketing materials and information for guests!

With the final start of our platform we will provide you with information and marketing materials for your cabin to inform guests to book the way you prefer.

In detail you will be able to order the following items:

  1. Digital QR code that you can print with direct link to your Cabins website.
  2. Printed information flyer with instructions how to clean the cabin.
  3. Digital cottage book and Qr code with link to it.
  4. Skiomi aluminium sign for your cabin with your house number
  5. Premade social media templates you can adopt.
  6. Custom crafted wooden signs with Wifi, house and or booking information.
  7. A4 picture frame with QR codes and information about your accommodation
Will I be directly subscribed when I signed up?

With your subscription you’ll make sure to be part of the first once in our Platform and you’ll benefit from upgraded subscription features.

How ever, your sign-up at this landing page does not form a contract between Skiomi and you directly but indicates your interest into a subscription once the platform is released.

Do integrations cost extra commission?

No, in your subscription all costs are included and there will be no additional costs. How ever you will see in the platform the split between Skiomi and an integration, for example Airbnb can go from 3% up to 14% depending on your settings and rules you want to apply.

Booking.com typically is about 14% to 16%.

When will Skiomi go online?

Currently, we are working diligently to create the right platform and to collaborate with fantastic partners and hosts like you. Our aim is to add at least 50 hosts to our existing partners. Once we reach this goal, we will begin preparing the platform for use in the 24/25 season.

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